African Jacquard

African Jacquard unites the French tradition of Jacquard weaving with the warm colours of Africa. It all started 4 years ago with a dream of weaving beautiful and durable kitchen and table linen with a taste of Africa, in Africa. We are proud to weave high quality products in Cape Town!

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Penta Winter Pensador Tea Towel
Penta Winter Ndeble Tea Towel
Penta Winter Mask Tea Towel
Penta Winter Kuba Tea Towel
Penta Winter Hibiscus Blue
Penta Summer Leopard Pensador
Penta Summer Leopard Mask
Penta Summer Leopard Kuba
Penta Summer Leopard Hibiscus
Penta  Summer Leopard Ndebele
Leopard Serviette Turquoise
Leopard Serviette Chartreuse
Leopard Serviette Brown
Leopard Serviette Aqua
Leopard Peach
African Image Tea Towel Turquoise
African Image Tablecloth/ Throw
Penta Summer Leopard Tablecloth
Penta Winter Tablecloth
Cape Town Tea Towel Beige
African Image Tea Towel Pink
African Image Tea Towel Mauve
African Image Tea Towel Chartreuse
African Image Tea Towel Navy