Dimzique Jewellery

We specializes in creating a wide variety of beaded jewellery designs, such as: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, barefoot sandals and other beaded items.We use crystals,pearls and seed beads. All pieces are handmade in South Africa, with a modern African flair. Unique, durable and affordable.

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Western Cape




Red decorated glass pearl necklace
White freshwater pearl bracelet
White decorated glass pearl necklace
White decorated freshwater pearl necklace
White beaded hoop earring
Small white freshwater pearl earring
Small Red crystal earring
Small light gold freshwater pearl earring
Small freshwater pearls earring
Red crystal earring
Medium red tassel earring
long red crystal pendant
Long light gold necklace
Light gold freshwater pearl necklace
Light gold freshwater pearl necklace
Light gold freshwater pearl earring
Gold freshwater pearl bracelet
Freshwater pearl beaded necklace
Freshwater pearl anklet
Clear beaded earring
Yellow and blue crystal earring
Twisted cream earring
Mustard 3 step necklace
Cream beaded statement necklace
Multicolour tassel necklace
Green & white tassel statement necklace
Multi-color statement necklace
Pink heart earring
Orange beaded thread earring
Orange and purple earring
Mustard beaded necklace
Mustard beaded necklace
Light green crystal beaded necklace
Small Blue  tassel earring
Small dark blue earring
Red beaded tassel earring
Yellow and green tassel earring
Green beaded statement necklace
Green and pink crystal necklace
Green sharp earring
Green and Brown leather necklace
Green and Brown leather earring
Dark blue Crystal hoop earring
Dark green statement necklace
Dark grey statement necklace
Cream crystal beaded earring
Dark blue crystal earring
Brown round earring
Brown halfmoon necklace
Blue turquoise necklace
Baby pink hearts necklace
Yellow and Orange halfmoon earring
Black statement necklace
Blue beaded tassel earring
Blue Crystal earring
Blue rectangular earring
Blue leather necklace
Blue Crystal necklace
Blue beaded leather earring
Beige beaded necklace
Beige beaded necklace
Yellow beaded necklace
3 Step Cream Necklace
Jamaican crystal Earring
Jamaican Crystal Tassel earring
Grey Statement Hexagon necklace
Grey hexagon earring
Statement Tassel Earring
Compact Bracelet
Classic Bracelet