Marabou Essentials

Marabou Essentials is an accessories and wall art brand created by artist and desiger, Fentse Mokale. Marabou Essentials creates unique pieces and tells stories inspired by African aesthetics. Colours, prints and patterns as well as shapes, curves and lines are the dominant features in the work.

D├ęcor, Fashion and Accessories->Jewellery, Wall Hangings


Seriti Enclosed
Little Sabie earrings
Thokoza Flare earrings
Monochrome Royale (black)
Queen Majesty
Tall Lady earrings
Sigema sunset earrings
Tall Lady earrings (White)
Saldanha button earrings
Midnight button earrings
Half Lunar neckpiece
The Grand Majesty neckpiece
Moraba Neckpiece
Seriti Neckpiece
Ode to Makeba
Coils and Twirls
Grand Majesty
Monochrome Royale (off-white)
The Avant-Garde