Tracy Bekker Creative Design.

Inspired by the vibrancy of Cape Town, my jewellery is a contemporary and wearable interpretation. Each piece is hand-crafted and reflects the warmth and beauty I experience in Africa. My aim is to make jewellery that encourages the wearer to feel powerful in their individuality.

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Stunning blue Shweshwe double necklace.
Vibrant navy and lime Shweshwe double necklace.
Stunning turquoise Shweshwe double necklace
Vibrant orange and red Shweshwe double necklace
Bold green and red Shweshwe double necklace
Subtle grey and blue Shweshwe double necklace
Earthy coloured Shweshwe single necklace
Organic orange and green Shweshwe single necklace
Vibrant blue Shweshwe double necklace