Ceramix is created in limited quantities where design and construction is built around three key words: quality, durability, design. The Ceramix collections are made entirely from locally sourced materials. Seeing is believing with this range and there is something in it to suit everyone's taste.

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Sea Delight Large Stoneware Platter
Horse Bust or Wall Plaque in Crackle Silver by Ceramix
African Elephant in Crackle Bronze by Ceramix
Elephant and Calf in Speckle Black by Ceramix
Baby Elephant in Crackle Bronze by Ceramix
Hoot Owl in Crackle Silver by Ceramix
Stanley Cat in Crackle Bronze by Ceramix
Dreamy Cat in Crackle Silver by Ceramix
Large White Heart Designer Ceramic Bowl by Ceramix
White Designer Oval Platter by Ceramix
White Designer Square Plate by Ceramix
Large Round White Flat Platter by Ceramix
Large Butterfly Bavarian Tureen with Base by Ceramix
Butterfly Cup & Saucer by Ceramix
White Butterfly Milk Jug by Ceramix
Rearing Stallion in Crackle Bronze by Ceramix
Sweet Bunny Medium Heart Bowl
Rhino and Calf by Ceramix
Tortoise Vase
Rearing Stallion
Kitten Fruit Platter
Iguana Square Plate
Kewpie Heart Bowl
Horse Wall Plaque or Bust
Frog Leaf Platter
Flying Dove Wavy Platter
Dove Square Plate
Dove Ice Cream or Ring Bowl
Elephant and Calf
Baby Elephant
African Elephant
Ceramic Train Flat Platter
Ceramic Mouse Cheese Board
Ceramic Lying Bunny Serving Bowl
Ceramic Large Bird Casserole Dish
Ceramic Kitten Flat Platter
Ceramic Kewpie on Round Base
Ceramic Iguana Oval Platter
Ceramic Frog Canister #4
Ceramic Flying Dove Oval Platter