Indigi Designs

Indigi Designs is a South African based design label renowned for its distinct signature of lifestyle products that encompass a fusion of contemporary design and local craftmanship. The range consists of locally printed fabrics, furniture, lighting, d├ęcor, and accessories.

Furniture->in-doors, Soft furnishings


Ndemetric, Black Cushion
Ndemetric Dusty Blue, Cushion
Ndemetric Deep Red, Cushion
Geo Flower Black, Cushion
Pythag Side Table
Loop Coffee Table
Hexa Side Table
Henna Leaves Coral Cushion
Facet Gold Coffee Table
Facet Coffee Table
Afro Side Table
Marble Nude Pink Cushion
Marble Indigo Cushion
Marble Charcoal Cushion
Kuba Kuba White Cushion
Kuba Kuba Deep Red Cushion
Kuba Kuba Black Cushion
Henna Leaves Indigo Cushion
Facet Nude Pink Cushion
Facet Grey Cushion
Facet Duck Egg Cushion
Facet Black Cushion
Conebush White Cushion
Conebush Olive Cushion
Undulate Stool
Undulate Stool
Undulate Stool
Undulate Stool
Pythag Stool