oli + frank

oli+frank Makes paper and fabric products for children with the intention to create local products for local children, but can also be enjoyed universally. Attention is given to environmental considerations as we constant seek ways to use materials that are recycled or recyclable.

Stationery, Home->Nursery | Play room, Covid 19->Cloth Masks & Protective items

Sells within South Africa, Sells within local community

Western Cape




Kids animal face masks
Zebra gift greeting card
Let it rain greeting card
Lion friend greeting card
Give them flowers greeting card
Elephant rain greeting card
Crocotude Greeting Card
South African Animal Alphabet
Flamingo notebook
Fishy fish notebook
Podgy cats notebook
Fishing boats notebook
Sunbird zip bag
Hart bunnies zip bag
Grouchy lions zip bag
Four Little pigs zip bag
Four eyes zip bag
Crocs Zip bag
Hart bunnies pencil bag
Sunbird pencil bag
Four little pigs
Grouchy lions pencil bag
Four eyes pencil bag
Crocs Pencils Bag