Clareb Accessories Pty

Handcrafted Beaded Accessories

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3ply Cloth Masks
Kiddies Cloth masks with Hair Bands
Khetshemiya (Xhosa Doek)
Beaded Zulu Hats (Isicholo)
Beaded Vest
Beaded Sandals
Beaded Enamel Mugs
Ndebele Beaded Chain Neckpiece
Beaded Flat Bangles
Beaded 3/4 Vest
Minny Somiz
Web neckpiece with color
Vulakabuni Beaded Vest
Neckring with Tassel
Mdumi Scarf
Beaded Wallet
Beaded Ball Point Pens
African Beaded Bra
Spectacles Holder/Strap
Zulu Beaded Scarf
Zulu Headgear
Beaded Key Rings
Beaded Head Veil
Telephone Wire Basket
Beaded Alice Bands
Beaded Ties
Beaded Stethoscope (High Care Brand)
Beaded Straw Hats
Beaded High Heels (shoes)