Ceramic Kewpie on Round Base



The Kewpies Arrive (We Told You They Were Coming)---Here They Are! Oh, children dear, come here, come hear and see! Come look, and leave your bread-and-buttering: For something queer is flying near---and see What tiny wings all flipping, fluttering! The sun on every topknot, glittering! Like flocks of little birds all flittering! Their pretty little words all twittering--- Why, I declare they're Kewpies! - Rose O'Neill Add a little “whimsy” and a little bit of the “unexpected” to your life with this Ceramic Kewpie. It is crafted by people you will like at a pottery on the outskirts of Johannesburg in South Africa from high fired terracotta clay which peeps through the sheer white glaze. Free Gifting Bag and Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa. 28cm High.


Ornament, Ceramic Casting, Ceramics