Ceramic Kitten Flat Platter



We designed the ceramic Kitten Platter you both need and seek! We certainly never compromise with any detail. The pure functionality of this platter will make it your go to piece of choice for every occasion. Your Platter is a little ”whimsy” with a new edge. We make it from the finest quality South African terracotta clay and white glaze and use precise, age-old manufacturing techniques that ensures that your piece is of top quality and style. This Kitten Platter is crafted from terracotta clay which is covered by a sheer white glaze. There is no glaze on the bottom of this piece as we know you will like the juxtaposition between the smooth texture of the glaze and rough texture of the clay. No two items are ever exactly the same as all our creations are crafted by hand. It is high fired, durable and easy to clean. Ceramix items are dishwasher and microwave safe. Free Gifting Bag and Free Shipping with a No Risk Guarantee in South Africa. 37cm Wide.


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