Fabric Face Mask

Mia Mélange

12 May

Fabric Face Mask



Our breathable masks are designed to fit very snugly on the face. The wire insert helps limit air escape at the top of the mask and is especially convenient for people who wear glasses. The outer layer of the mask is a 100% cotton Shweshwe fabric. The inner layers are soft, white, 100% cotton fabric. The rationale for using a white fabric is that a mask should be washed after every single use. Our masks have been designed to either tie at the back of your head (tie the two top elastic straps together, and tie the two bottom ones together), or to loop over the ears (tie the two elastic straps on the right together at the correct length to comfortably fit over your ear, and the same for the left). Our masks also have a wire insert in the seam that sits on the bridge of the nose, so that the mask can tightly hug your nose for more protection. Bend this wire until it is in the most comfortable position. Please note that prints may vary! For single colour orders, the colour ordered will be sent, but prints may differ from those on the product photos. The material used for the ties may also vary. We apologise for the inconvenience, but material is limited during lock down and due to high demand. Head to our website for more information on our masks!

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