Fabric Face Masks


12 May

Fabric Face Masks


Our masks offer 2 layers of fabric (cotton and polycotton) + an additional pocket for a removable filter (not provided). Inside and outside layers are easily-identifiable (outside = colourful print as we love them, inside = plain). The masks are designed to fit properly and be comfortable to wear. WeAllShareRoots follows the official guidelines published by the SA Government and is registered as Essential Services Provider. Available in 3 sizes: Adult, Kid and Small Kid (2-3). Take care, be safe and don’t forget that masks are not a replacement for other recommended precautionary measures, such as handwashing, not touching one’s face, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow and keeping a proper social distance of 1,5m from other people. Also, children should be supervised at all times when using a cloth mask, and they are not recommended for infants (under 2).

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