Jelly Bloom Crewneck

Nehanda Design

11 May

Jelly Bloom Crewneck


100% African Cotton Crew neck Sweatshirt | Tailored for comfort | Designed for style | Available in unisex. The Jelly Bloom is a design inspired by an image of tiny bioluminescent jellyfish in the depths of the darkest deepest ocean. Healthy oceans are so important to the sustainability of our natural environment and we need to notice and appreciate the beauty that is within our oceans in order to preserve the biodiversity of the oceans on Earth. Designed for the 2019 Jellyfish Bloom Symposium hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, this Geometric Jellyfish design celebrates Cape Town's Table Mountain and the beauty of jellyfish. Screen printing the design onto the garment ensures a long lasting and high quality product.

Fashion and Accessories->Unisex

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