Rock Bok


23 September

Rock Bok

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It's a BOK and it ROCKS! The Rock Bok is a proper South African wooden rocking springbok. Designed by us as a flat-pack system that assembles with a smart 3 screw locking system. This beautiful rocking horse is precision crafted from Birch plywood. A clever designer piece inspired by the National Animal and National Rugby team of South Africa the Springboks. For toddlers up to age 2.5 years. This South African Rocking Horse Bok is designed for style, safety and symbolism. A beautiful designer piece that will look great in your home and is always up for some rocking when your toddler wants a ride. The Rock Bok Rocking Horse (Springbok) can be packed compact and will last many many years due to its high quality wooden construction.

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