Upcycled Sling Bag made from braai coal paper bag

Creative Lines

9 April

Upcycled Sling Bag made from braai coal paper bag


This Sling Bag is made from a real braai coal paper bag and lined with thick black waterproof lining. Through our process of fusing 4 layers together, we transform this unwanted waste into a product with better environmental value. The paper is made durable and is able to resist the penetration of water. Do not submerge in water! Perfect gift for all the braai lovers. Dimensions: * Height 24cm * Width 22cm * max length of strap 110cm Features: * adjustable strap for different lengths * zipper for keeping your valuables safe * interior zipper as extra storage for small handbag items. **Please note**: The paper bag from which the sling bag is made is upcycled. During the manufacturing process paper gets crushed, this is part of the process. Sometimes there are marks on the packets, these happened in their previous life - since we ONLY work with previously used paper.

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