Coin Rings South Africa


8 August

Coin Rings South Africa


Ring made from Coins These rings are all out of circulation coins which have been recycled in Rings. They can be made to size and have different finishes from high shine to antique. The text on the coin is visible on the band of the ring as well as on the inside of the ring. As a gift for travellers and on-the-go people who want something to remember their travels and the beauty of South Africa. People are always amazed when you explain these rings where actuelly once coins used in circulation, some of the coins used are over 100 years old. They are smoothed and cleaned on the inside for a secure and safe fit. CoinRings are available in Silver, Bronze and Copper. Any coin can be used and turned into a ring. Primarily I do SA coins but have also done Brittish Coins, Australian, New Zealand, Kenya, Botswana, Mexican and Italian coins... See Instagram for a few pictures;

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