African Beat Design Hndpainted Sushi Plate


24 August

African Beat Design Hndpainted Sushi Plate

From mixing and pouring the slip-clay to bisque-firing and the final glaze-firing, all of our ceramic ranges are handmade in-house. We use high quality stoneware clay to ensure that each item is dishwasher and microwave safe. Each and every design is a Kapula original and each ceramic piece is painted by hand, ensuring a meticulous attention to detail and a truly authentic product. Once painted, we put our ceramics through an extra stage of firing to harden the paints and make sure that the colours come through as sharp, bold and vividly as possible before receiving their final glaze. From distinctly African designs to contemporary patterns and washes, our ceramic range is vast and continuously growing. For other products see our website.


Plate, Ceramic Casting, Hand Decorated, Stoneware Clay