Kudu Trophy Head - Coral Tree

Head on Design

2 August

Kudu Trophy Head - Coral Tree



Joanna has been working with local artists to create a range of sculptures in a style that is typically embracing of current African trends. In 2012, Joanna commissioned Claudia Gurwitz to paint the vibrant indigenous Coral Tree (see the original oil-on-canvas behind the ladder), which was later printed onto the kudu sculpture. It comes flat-packed with clear instructions on how to assemble and hang. No glue required - all you need is a nail in the wall. Sculpture Dimensions: MED - 62cm(H) x 41cm(W) x 38cm(D) LRG - 96cm(H) x 63cm(W) x 58cm(D) Depth = wall to tip of nose Weight: 1.5kg (med), 2.5kg (lrg)


Sculpture, Wall mounted Animal head, Trophy Head, Paperwork, Paper