Nest Egg

Studio Stirling

1 April

Nest Egg

Nest Egg

Buy on line at The Nest Egg hanging swing chair is inspired from the organic forms in bird nests and has a natural egg shape. The pattern detail is reminiscent of tree branches that intersect, grasses that are intertwined, the veins in dragonfly wings, veins in leaves, cracked soil and natural textures. The chair has been designed to be extremely comfortable and has a cozy cocoon like feel. It will embrace your body with its nest-like form. Each one is made by hand, and the core frame is standard to ensure consistency in shape and comfort. Due to the variance of craftsmanship going into each chair, every piece has individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing. They are ideal for inside or outside use and look gorgeous on a deck, patio, hanging from a branch of a tree or anywhere indoors. One of the finishes that can be chosen is Ferrograin Black, that has a sensual feel that is soft and suede like to the touch. These chairs are made from mild steel and are very durable. Aluminium available on request. They are E coated - Environ Protected (like they do on the chassis of a car) for rust resistance. They are also powder coated. The hanging mechanisms are supplied with chair - in standard lengths, ready for installation


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