Falling Man Helsinki Stool

Falling Man

30 March

Falling Man Helsinki Stool


Inspired by Scandinavian flat pack furniture, these birch ply stools are designed to be functional to use and stackable for storage; cost effective to purchase and easy to self-assemble. Honest use of raw materials allows appreciation of the unfinished surface. http://fallingman.co.za/index.php/portfolio/helsinki-stool/ Sold disassembled, the Helsinki stool consists of 5 parts and can easily be slotted together. It is intended that woodworking cold glue readily available from most supermarkets and hardware stores be applied whilst assembling to form a permanent bond “stronger than wood”. Birch has excellent water resistant properties but for outside use an exterior varnish is recommended. A stretched version of the stool is also available, which can be used as a bench seat or occasional table.


Chair/Bench, Laser Cutting , Wood