Silver Plate

Vutta Pimp Boyz Pty Ltd.

9 June

Silver Plate


Is your Sky Satellite Dish old, rusty and faded? Is it making your property look unsightly? Depending on your preference you may want to 'DISGUISE' or 'PIMP' your Satellite Dish,Cover your satellite dish with this silver plate vinyl sticker. Our Satellite Dish Covers are designe​d ultimately to Protect your Satellite Dish from the harsh external conditions and extend your dishes overall life span which means Less Maintenance for you. Our Covers protect your Freesat Or Sky Dish from Sun Damage which can cause the paint on your Dish to Fade and make your Dish look weathered and unsightly. It also protects your Dish from Rain and Moisture which can cause your Dish to Rust. In Coastal Areas, Our Covers reduce the effects of Sea Salt Corrosion on you Dish. When it snows, our Satellite Dish Covers will Protect your Dish from Snow Build Up, which can cause your Satellite Signal to be lost. Our Dish Covers do not affect Satellite Signal whatsoever, and has been fully tested.


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