Clutch Upcycled coffee bag

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3 March

Clutch Upcycled coffee bag

This unique clutch was lovingly hand sewn using real coffee bean packets. The outside of the packet has been sealed for extra protection. An absolutely unique must have for trendsetters! This bag is just right for going out to the bistro or club. Fits with jeans as well as the "little black dress" and always looks stylish. You are bound to making a statement with this one of a kind upcycled clutch bag. Conveniently sized to accommodate cell phone, keys, wallet and make-up. The bag is lined with cotton material. The result is impressive! Have a look at my other products, I often have matching passport covers, cosmetic bags or other useful items. I love working in different non-conventional materials, therefore all products are available in a limited quantity only, which guarantees exclusivity with every purchase. Moreover it is a super environmentally friendly gift. Dimensions: * Length 25 cm * Width 12 cm * Depth 4,5 cm The sizes are approximate. Since this is a handmade item, slight differences in sizes can occur. Material: Coffee Bean packet Lining Button Stiffening **Please note**: The packaging from which the clutch is made of is recycled. Through working with it, creases occur. The clutch obtains a used-look but is new.

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